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If you’ve ever pulled on boxing gloves, either for fitness or competition, you’ll already have your own ideas about what makes a bad pair of boxing gloves.

Probably something along these lines: bad boxing gloves don’t protect your hands, they are made from poor quality material, and their shape doesn’t allow you to move your hands in a natural way -  which can actually be physically dangerous under extreme impact. Most often, bad gloves are just uncomfortable and they don’t look good.

We are excited to share with you our latest innovations that are going to improve the boxing and fitness industry forever. Change has been slow in our sport, and gloves haven’t changed a lot over the years, but we are about to change all of that.

And we are starting to realise why change has been so slow with this equipment. It’s really not easy to change but, after three years of research and development, and many failed attempts, we have come up with a brand new technology and new design that is going to breathe life into our sport.

This change is important to us for these reasons:

  1. We think that hands are just as important as feet! Hands need the best protection, performance and style too, but the majority of innovation and new design in our industry has been around footwear up until now.

  2. Boxing gloves - and the human-centred design of better gloves - is something that we at BOXA are VERY passionate about. We know this sport very well, and we know what goes into making the highest quality boxing equipment, and we are keen to continually set the benchmark in our sport.

  3. We believe the fit is everything. Boxing gloves are designed to form a natural fit for your hands, wrists, and arms. There is a lot of science to this, and we are at the very forefront of it.

  4. We think about your protection, a lot. It goes without saying, but the feel and support on impact is extremely important when it comes to boxing gloves. That’s why part of our innovation is the introduction of a brand new high-density foam which provides the maximum amount of shock absorption and cushioning available.

  5. We think quality matters. You can recognise a quality product immediately, and that usually starts with the look and feel of the glove. 
    Traditional glove materials haven’t changed that much over the years either, but at BOXA, we are bringing cutting edge tech to our design and setting new standards around safety, aesthetics, hygiene and performance.

  6. We think hygiene really matters. Traditional boxing gloves can hold on to huge amounts of harmful bacteria. As they are worn and trained in, the germs and sweat from your hands can give them a foul smell. But we are on to that as well. The new technology behind our gloves has been designed to reduce poor hygiene and smelly gear while maintaining optimum performance. We have a HUGE, world-first announcement about this coming very soon.

  7. We only utilise quality workmanship. We have all pulled on a boxing glove thats had a random stitch scratch your thumb or bumps in the lining that shouldn’t have been there. Maybe your gloves have just fallen apart before! At BOXA, we believe that great design goes hand in hand with great material and quality workmanship, making our gloves the best int he world. We put a lot of emphasis on quality, and it shows in our products. 

  8. Reliability is important to us. We want you to trust in the fact that if you spend your money on new equipment, it will last. Your boxing gloves need to perform just as well after one hundred rounds as they did in the first one.

  9. We know that you need the right glove for the right job. The type of gloves you should wear depends on what type of training you doing with them. For example, light bag gloves protect your knuckles during cardio and technique bag work. Sparring gloves, however, tend to be much heavier and thicker to ensure the safety of both boxers. And then competition gloves are matched to the preference of the boxer. We have redeveloped our classic BOXA “punchers” gloves, and are introducing a new model suited to those needing even more hand protection. 

  10. And finally, we love style. In our sport, we know that it’s important for our boxing gloves to fit and perform well, you also want them to look good.
    Design is an important consideration for us with all of our gloves. That’s the BOXA brand, and it reflects on the customers wearing our brand. The look and style of your boxing gloves define your personality and possibly even your identity. The fashion aspect hasn’t really been seen before in boxing gloves, but things are changing. WE are changing things. 

Something REALLY huge is coming, possibly one of the biggest innovations to EVER change the boxing industry. And, at BOXA, we are really proud to be leading that change.

The first release of the new BOXA Innovation Program brings with it some big news for the Boxing industry - and will be revealed soon. If you haven't already registered for the launch, JOIN HERE >>



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