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Official Brand of Anthony mundine

The once upon a time highest paid NRL player took his reign into the ring to secure himself Light-middleweight championship title twice over. Alongside "The Man" Mundine's professional boxing career grew the BOXA brand. Founded in 2001, Mundine started the brand as a boxing equipment company, pouring in his soul and passion of the sport into the pursuit of high quality gear. Now the brand has grown to sell its own merch both of which you can get your hands on here.


Endorsement and sponsorships

While Choc is no stranger to the limelight, his charitable works often go unnoticed by the general public, however the people around him see it often. Last year he brought football boots for 10 aboriginal girls who moved to NSW and started playing football. He’s been to multiple PCYC events and done many charity events but doesn’t boast about it on social media. Boxing champion Billy Dib mentioned "He'll be driving along the road, he'll see a poor person on the side of the road, and he'll pull over and give that person money. That's the type of guy Anthony Mundine is. The public don't know about that because he doesn't rave on about it and put it on social media.”

On top of his charitable personality Mundine also hosts multiple workshops called “Mundine: Mindset Of A Champion” in which he aims to re-empower communities and workplaces through training, setting inspiration and positive mindsets. By sharing his knowledge on how he was able to stay on top and confident, those who partake in the workshop will be able to gain confidence themselves and apply it to any facet of life.



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