Through years of researching we have been able to find a simple application with a traditional method to solve the number one problem with boxing gear in general, how long it takes to keep your gear clean. We know that taking time out of a busy schedule is not easy, especially if your training session is before work and you get home late.

So instead of having to sit down and clean your gear one at a time with antibacterial sprays and microfiber cloths, we’ve created a range of boxing gear that doesn’t need such meticulous cleaning practices. Just chuck it in the wash with your gym clothes or normal clothes, let it air dry and you’re ready to go again.

Our range of washable pads & gloves allows you to get on with your busy life while keeping your gear clean and fresh so harmful bacteria doesn’t build up. You want gear that’s clean all day every day and now you’ve found the way.

  • Tested for daily usage & washing
  • Specifically designed for the highest standards of performance, safety & hygiene
  • Fast drying time

Care instructions

  • Machine wash in cold water with Velcro straps fastened
  • Use standard non-bleach detergents
  • Air dry