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Ray Williams says “The Boxa Protocol enabled me to Squat 410kg (903lbs). Now I won’t compete without it”.


Tony Dib – Wins 3 Gold Medals at Brazilian Jujutsu Australian Open

AFBJJ (Australian Federation Brazilian Jiu Jitsu)National Ranking #1 in Purplebelt Gi, efore the Fitness expo (Victorian State Championships) I was ranked #2 in Gi on 27points due to the fact i had to fly to Sydney to compete in the first comp (sydney has more opportunity to compete), after the comp i am ranked #1 on 81points gaining 54points (27p for weightclass and 27p for openweight) in the gi. 2nd place is tied at 54points.

So i came across Boxa Friday 4th after competing and taking home the Gold in the 91kg Heavyweight Purplebelt Gi, i had never used any product before hand and i tried the Boxa Protocol Ice which did enhance my recovery with the lactic acid which was built up in forearms quickly cooling the forearm down. i thought id come back the next day as i was competing over the course of the Friday to Sunday. I came back 30minutes prior to competing on the Saturday and i got chipped up, sprayed with Boxa Protocol Ice. i went out their and did my thing. it was all over in the blink of an eye. in the finals my opponent had made quite an impression with his previous fight i caught him in a smooth arm lock from standing, my opponent had lifted my whole body of the ground, i latched onto the arm and extended it for the sub in mid air. i dont know how but i injured my right calf tendon in this fight. Day 2 Gold in Purple belt Heavyweight Nogi. Day 3 i was satisfied with Double Gold over the course of the weekend, i had the Absolute/open weight (which is a division with every weight class) on this day. i wasn’t really expecting to win this division especially because my calf wasn’t the best i was thinking of pulling out. I went prior to competing to the Boxa Stand, again i was chipped up, Sprayed Ice and was given a Boxa KO Powder Blend, and my calf was chipped and tapped up which allowed me to compete. I had tough fights in the Open class fighting Gold Medal winners from previous days in heavier and lighter weight classes and previous Pan Pacific Champions. All my fights ended by Sub except 1 fight in the semi finals which i happened to be down on points with 90 seconds left i gave everything to get some points or finish by sub, with 30 seconds left and my opponent up at this point usually my forearms gassed and have nothing left, but either Chips or the Ice or even the Blend gave me that extra 30sec of strength to be able to put my opponent on his back and secure the victory, i was now in the finals and which i had my Boxing Coach and Team mate together we won and Closed 1st and 2nd place of the Open weight (which is the most prestigious division). I was fortunate to come home with 3 Gold Medals making me a 4x state champion. Boxa defiantly gave me the edge.
before trying Boxa Products i was very hesitant and quite skeptical. during competition week even on the day, i never do anything different that i haven’t done before training, i try simulate what happened at training. this is so my body doesn’t freak out and goes into comp as if it was another day in the office. Boxa defiantly did help, i pulled up quite well compared to usual after the comp, and i was back at the gym Sunday night. after getting back to training i noticed how much everything that was supplied and given to me over the weekend realy assisted me, so if im able to use it at training, i think ill reach goals much quicker.

Tony Dib BJJ

Kurt Southam takes on the Boxa Protocol with Amazing Results


“I felt strong and faster with the Boxa Protocol” says David Aloua


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